Holger Sigmund

accompanies the travel industry on the path of 'twin transition' towards future. Profound and hands-on.

The tourism and hospitality industry is his passion. Holger Sigmund is convinced that travelling and hospitality will shape the future together in a positive way - far beyond the concept of 'Sustainability'.
He supports destinations, companies and organisations in regenerative and digital transformation with his two companies Tourism Impact and Tourismuspartner.
'Travel is the Language of Peace'
(Mahatma Ghandi)
Topics & Values
Future > Sustainable
With 'Tourism Impact', Holger and Clara see themselves as co-creators of a regenerative future of the travel and hospitality industry. They face challenges and crises. With optimism and the future as a compass and value system, they are driving the necessary change - now!
Authentic > Digital
At 'Tourismuspartner', Holger and Alex support the hotel and tourism industry in all aspects of digitalisation, guest communication and online sales. Their focus is a sensible and practical approach: Digitisation supports, but does not replace real experiences or the personal touch.
Partnership > Projects
Holger Sigmund works both in his companies and for his customers on a project-based and partnership-oriented basis. His approach is to achieve success together on the basis of mutual transparency, trust and reliability. Holger considers himself a 'sparring partner' for his clients.
Hosting = Feel comfortable
Holger Sigmund considers himself a "host", creating a good and save space for any exchange, for workshops, seminars and for good colaboration in general. Being a host - a beautiful approach for happiness and comfort.
Hands on = Impact
Sustainability and digitalisation are here to stay. Both topics are complex and will shape tourism and the hospitaliy industry in the long term. Holger Sigmund works 'hands-on' to implement ideas and measures - to create impact.
Fresh Breeze + Experience
'You never stop learning' - Holger is quite sceptical about being called an 'expert'. His expertise is based on his experience, which he regularly synchronises with fresh knowledge and exchanges with Clara Gulde and Alexander Fritsch.
Companies & Offer
Holger Sigmund accompanies the future of tourism with 'Tourism Impact' and 'Tourismuspartner' - together with Clara Gulde on the topic of sustainability for a regenerative change and together with Alexander Fritsch in the area of eTourism on digitalisation and guest communication.
He relies on the network and tools of Green Destinations to support the sustainability programmes of destinations and companies - recognised in Switzerland by Swisstainable.
Tourism Impact
Clara and Holger combine practical knowledge from the tourism industry with the latest scientific findings based on future models and holistic sustainability approaches. They support you, your team, your company or your organisation for more positive impact and regenerative tourism in the future - as consultants, in workshops, seminars and as speakers.
Tourism Impact, Zürich and Bolzano, together with:
Bozen, South Tyrol
Alexander and Holger offer seminars and workshops on the topics of online reviews, AI, guest communication, online sales and direct bookings for the tourism, hospitality and leisure industries. They know how to convey complex topics in a practical way and support companies as consultants.
Servus Tourismuspartner OG, Bregenz - together with:
GreenDACH & Swisstainable
Together with partners in Austria, South Tyrol and Germany, Tourism Impact supports businesses and destinations in the DACH region in sustainability programmes and certifications with know-how and tools from Green Destinations, which are recognised in Switzerland as proof of Swisstainable Level II - engaged and Swisstainable Level III - leading.
GreenDACH is the association of Green Destinations representatives in the German speaking countries.
Holger Sigmund Management & Projects donates one percent of the company's yearly turnover to selected and audited organisations through '1% for the Planet'. Holger Sigmund is a member of Impact Hub Zurich, STV-FST, Fairunterwegs, GSTC supports MyBluePlanet and takes part in the Swiss Triple Impact programme run by B LAB Switzerland.
A selection of companies and organisations for which Holger Sigmund has worked or is working: