Swisstainable process support

"Sustainability is no longer a niche topic, it has entered the mainstream. Politics, business, consumers have understood that in the future everyone will have to work together to use resources responsibly."


This is what the Swiss sustainability programme Swisstainable says, and this is how Holger Sigmund sees it across all sectors: Sustainability is no longer a criterion for consumers to make a purchase decision between several offers. Rather, customers expect companies to operate sustainably.


In the B2B sector, proof of sustainable action is often a decisive prerequisite for cooperation with service providers.

Sustainability in Tourism

The topic of sustainability in tourism is currently popping up everywhere. That is fundamentally good. The industry is now challenged to make sure that it does not remain a buzzword. Sustainable development must be taken seriously as an opportunity to continuously improve - also economically - for the benefit of people, society, the environment and the next generations. confirms in its latest sustainability report:

  • 83% of global travelers think sustainable travel is vital, with 61% saying the pandemic has made them want to travel more sustainably in the future
  • Almost half (49%) still believe that in 2021, there aren’t enough sustainable travel options available.
  • While 3 out of 4 accommodation providers say they have implemented at least some kind of sustainability practices at their property, only one-third actively communicate about their efforts proactively to potential guests
  • To help boost the visibility of more sustainable stay options, is now showing third-party sustainability certifications and details on a range of 30+ impactful practices in place at hundreds of thousands of properties around the world


Swisstainable promotes tourism businesses and organisations in sustainability development and communication. The programme is open to all who:

  • are a member of a national tourism umbrella organisation.
  • have the will to contribute to a more sustainable Swiss tourism and confirm this by signing a commitment.
  • are committed to implementing concrete sustainability measures.

Benefits for your business or organisation

  • Identify how sustainable one's own company really is at present and what development potential exists (also in comparison with other companies).
  • Plan measures and ensure competitiveness.
  • Create communication and transparency for guests.
  • Increase attractiveness - for guests and employees.
  • Operate more efficiently - sustainability pays off.

Interested? Holger Sigmund advices you

  • Review and recommendation for action on the Swisstainable sustainability programme for your business or organisation.
  • Preparation of the Swisstainable Sustainability Commitment
  • Carrying out the Swisstainable Sustainability Check
  • Formulation of the Swisstainable sustainability measures with your team
  • Submission of the necessary documents to Switzerland Tourism
  • Implementation of further measures for the development of sustainability in your establishment
  • Transparent awarding of your business as a sustainable company and accompanying communication measures

The Good Travel Seal and Swisstainable

With the Good Travel Seal, Holger Sigmund offers an optional and practical, internationally recognised sustainability programme including an online tool for reporting and planning measures that efficiently supports you in the process of achieving Swisstainable Level 2.

Green Destinations

Green Destinations is the world's leading sustainability certification programme for destinations and one of only three accredited certification bodies by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC). Holger Sigmund represents Green Destinations in Switzerland and Liechtenstein and works in association with colleagues from Austria, Germany and South Tyrol as co-founder of Green Destinations DACH Region.

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