Sustainable Tourism

There is a wide range of 'green', 'sustainable' and 'climate-neutral' tourism offers. There is a wide variety of labels that mark destinations, businesses and tour operators for their sustainability. Guests still feel insufficiently informed.


As in other sectors, there is a lack of overview. Yet transparency is the basis and processes the engine of sustainable development. It is about attitude. Therefore it is important to let guests, employees and stakeholders participate.

Appeal to tourism & the hotel industry

The many initiatives in tourism and the hotel industry are needed - now! But please pay attention to good communication. Not every destination can be the 'most sustainable' in the world, every airport the 'most climate-friendly', every hotel the 'greenest'. That is not the point. Sustainability is not a USP. It is assumed and is a prerequisite for us to be able to travel at all. Don't make locals and guests feel insecure and please be careful with 'greenwashing'. Be transparent and present your sustainable efforts.

Sustainable development is a process

It's all about serious changes, about measures that are good for nature, people and society. And thus also good for business. GSTC (Global Sustainable Tourism Council) provides a global basis with its criteria catalogues for destinations and for hotels and tour operators.

'Sustainable' communication

Good communication does not talk about 'sustainability' but shows the guest what is behind it: Ideas, stories, measures, offers, certifications (ideally GSTC-recognised). Again: being transparent.

Holger Sigmund's Offer

  • Overview of the topic of sustainability in tourism and the hospitality industry in seminars, trainings and workshops.
  • Facilitation, training & coaching in the sustainability process of businesses and destinations.
  • Selection of suitable sustainability programmes and support during implementation.
  • Sustainability audits.
  • In Switzerland: Support for businesses in the sustainability programme Swisstainable of Switzerland Tourism.

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