Every individual bears responsibility for how we live, how we treat each other, nature and society and everyone can make a positive contribution to achieving the UN SDGs together.

Holger Sigmund Management & Projects follows B Corp's "theory of change" and B Corp's global vision of an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economic system for all people and the planet. A transformation of the economy is particularly important for change. Success must be redefined. We must not measure it by extensive growth, but by our positive social, environmental and (for all stakeholders) economic impact.


With TOURISM IMPACT Holger Sigmund and Clara Gulde accompany you, your team, your company or your organization to create more positive impact in travel, tourism and hospitality. In order to constantly improve the impact of themselves as a company, Holger Sigmund Management & Projects has started the B Corp Certification reporting process in March 2022 and joined B Lab Switzerland's Swiss Triple Impact Programme. in December 2022.

Statutes & Mission Statement

Holger Sigmund Mangement & Projects is a management consultancy and as such entered in the Commercial Register of the Canton of Zurich under company number CHE-361.760.219 including the following objective:


"The purpose of the sole proprietorship is to offer management consulting services mainly in the areas of leisure, tourism and the hospitality industry. The focus is on project management of processes, services and offers, management consulting, trainings, workshops and seminars."


In addition, the company pursues the further purpose of achieving a significantly positive impact on the common good and the environment through its business activities.


Holger Sigmund Management & Projects considers the impact of its actions on

  • employees (as applicable), partners and suppliers
  • its clients as beneficiaries of the company's efforts to achieve a significant positive impact on the public good as well as the environment with a focus on sustainable development in tourism and hospitality sectors.
  • the communities in which the company, its employees (as applicable), partners or suppliers are located
  • the environment locally and in a global context
  • and all stakeholders such as clients, employees (as applicable), partners, other suppliers and at least - as a sole proprietor - family and friends

to be taken into account.

1% for the Planet

As a member of 1% for the Planet Holger Sigmund Management & Projects commits to donate a minimum of 1% of it's yearly revenue to approved nonprofit organisations and to report these donations to 1% for the planet to remain certified.


For more information visit Holger Sigmund Management & Projects' profile and feel free to join the movement and network of good businesses.

Memberships & supported projects

Global Sustainable Tourism Council

The GSTC establishes and manages global standards for sustainable travel and tourism, known as the GSTC Criteria. They are the result of a worldwide effort to develop a common language about sustainability in tourism and may be adapted to local conditions. Holger Sigmund Management & Projects is an organisation member and Holger has successfully completed the STTP with the 'Professional Certificate in Sustainable Tourism' and is a GSTC Trainer.

GreenBuzz Zurich

GreenBuzz is a global network of sustainability professionals with chapters in Zurich, Bern, Geneva, Amsterdam and Berlin. The network's mission is to empower sustainability professionals across sectors to drive sustainability forward in business & society. Holger Sigmund Management & Projects is a member of the Zurich chapter.


Holger Sigmund is a member of the Swiss association fairunterwegs. It has been founded in 1977 and questions the social, cultural, ecological and economic effects of tourism from a development perspective.


Holger Sigmund is a member of Greenpeace Switzerland because he finds it very important that an international powerful organisation help us to care about our environment and call attention to the problems of climate, ocean, forests and foods.

Bangladesh Projects

Since 2008, Holger has supported and was member of the foundation of a project in Southern Bangladesh on the Island of "Bhola" together with an international team from UK, Sweden, Austria, Liechtenstein and Spain. The project now is able to stand on its own feet and is still supported by the London based foundation Bhola's Children.

Rishilpi, a long term and very experienced organization, was a local partner in Bangladesh from the beginning on and Holger still supports this very transparent and reliable organisation. The founders Laura and Enzo plus Monica in her Milano based office just do a wonderful job and today more then 90.000 people around Satkhira directly and indirectly benefit from the projekt. If you are interested in helping the very poor people in Bangladesh, please feel free to e-mail us.