I support Greenpeace monthly because I find it very important that an international powerful organisation help us to care about our environment and call attention to the problems of climate, ocean, forests and foods. For reading about Greenpeace's success click here:

Sunshine & Harmony

Bruna, a very good friend of mine that I met in 2009 while she was the founder of Bhola's Children, established Sunshine and Harmony as her charity foundation in 2019 for new projects in Tanzania, Kenya and Bangladesh, working mainly in medical, educational and development fields, as well as sport, animal welfare and conservation. 

Bangladesh Projects

Since 2008, I have supported and was member of the foundation of our own project in Southern Bangladesh on the Island of "Bhola" together with an international team from UK, Sweden, Austria, Liechtenstein and Spain. The project now is able to stand on its own feet and is still supported by the London based foundation Bhola's Children.

Video from Bhola's Children

Rishilpi, a long term and very experienced organization, was our local partner in Bangladesh from the beginning on and I still support this very transparent and reliable organisation. The founders Laura and Enzo plus Monica in her Milano based office just do a wonderful job and today more then 90.000 people around Satkhira directly and indirectly benefit from the projekt. If you are interested in helping the very poor people in Bangladesh, please feel free to e-mail me.

Video from Rishilpi Development Project - The Campus