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I love Coffee.

What you usually get in a Viennese coffee house, like the famous 'Hawelka' shown above, is delightful coffee - served in around 50 different types.


But do not expect too much gentleness. Well, I don't want to claim Austrians aren't gentle at all. No! They are! Really! I have lived here since 2000 (As a "Piefke" by the way - that's how the Austrians call us Germans).


Viennese waiters are concerned about serving perfect coffee. Easy, fast and direct but with their famous Vienesse charm. If you adapt to it, you will love it. Whether you do or not, is all about your experiences and expectations.

Service Quality.

I deal with service quality because I work in the "Tourism Industry" as a tourism entrepreneur, trainer and speaker. As an entrepeneur, I want to give good quality to my clients every day. As a trainer and speaker, I specialize in the management of Online Reviews, Reputation and Distribution.


Service quality is something you cannot control and measure easily because it is very subjective and depends on each individual's expectationexperience and constitution. But it is essential for being a successfull host and it is a daily challenge.


Sometimes I just like to get a perfect coffee. Simple, fast and properly made. Like in Vienna :-)



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