About me.

Tourism Expert, Trainer, Entrepreneur

Living by Lake Constance, I am an entrepreneur within the tourism industry. After my studies in Tourism Management at Cooporative University in Ravensburg (Germany) and a career with steps as a tour operator, a destination manager, an incoming operator and also working at a ski resort, I decided to become self-employed in 2004. 


Since 2010, I have shared my work in both fields, Tourism Consulting and Tour-Operation, together with long-time partners and friends Alexander Fritsch and Heidi Österle in two companies.

My focuses are

  • Online Tourism: Reviews, Online Reputation Management and eTourism
  • Hotel Distribution & Sales: Sales Channels, Price- and Sales- Strategies, Cooperation and Contracting with Tour Operators, Travel Agencies, Online- and Directsales-Agencies
  • Destination Management: Organisation of Destination Management Companies and Destination Management Services for Incentives and Events
  • Tour-Operation: Product Development and Buying of all services for Travel and Events

It's Love

I love travelling, sharing culture, tastes, food and experiences. That's why I love my job in the tourism and hotel industry.